Msc Final Project

First Meeting with My Tutor

For the first article, I think I should introduce myself here : I am a postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh. My major is Design & Digital Media. This blog is used as a record of my final project process, or maybe my future design life.

At the very beginning I was going to build up a website for my mum. She runs a construction material company and she paid a lot of money to her corporate website constructor while that website is obsolete. My original plan was to build up a fancy dynamic corporate website with stylish design, to promote the products and brand and interact with our customers.

After I explained the idea to my tutor yesterday, he simply said :” oh, it’s too boring, builder supply website is just like a brochure ….”

I showed him my mum’s website: . And we looked at many builder supply websites. I had to admit he’s right and I was scared to find that my mum’s products are so single that I don’t even have to build up a database for them. Meanwhile, he reminded me that the final project is going to be a research, you’re going to learn somehing from it rather than make something based on your existing skills. So sad T_T.

He suggested me to change my title as How to make website less boring”, in which way gives me more space for creation. And my project seems to be more indepth.

For the design of website, lovely icons, color assortment, elegant logo, wonderful typography… All small details indicate the designer’s intentions.

For the functionality of website, API sharing represents the general trend. PHP and database are necessary. People may sign up for mailing list or special offer. They have their own personal webpage, they can see work from themselves, simliar work in side bar…highly interactive and userfriendly.

I benefited a lot from above.

One question remains to be solved:

Website like Amazon, play. They are all shopping website and nearly the same. Why they insist such kind of similarity and how can they set up their unique advantages. Double-edged sword, isn’t it?


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