Academic Reading

Designing with Web Standards

To better grasp web design, I finished this book yesterday and it’s inspiring.


At the very beginning of this book, jeffrey directly points out that “99% of current websites are obsolete”. It was 2003 and at that time all the websites are on the cusp of a major revolution. XML+CSS came on the scene so that this book seems more like an idea promotion. And XML+CSS do fix a lot of problems resulting from various naughty browsers.

In jeffrey’s book, he mentions that websites are created “to serve consumers, to deepen the bond between company and customer, and to enhance the corporate brand.” While the obsolescence of a site means “the loss of an ever-increasing number of potential customers. ” As a web developer, we have to update our skills and continue to improve, for customers, for ourselves.


Zeldman, J 2003, Designing With Web Standards / Jeffrey Zeldman, n.p.: Berkley : New Riders, [2003], ©2003., University of Edinburgh’s Library Catalogue, EBSCOhost, viewed 6 May 2014.


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