Msc Final Project

Alpha research title

After the second meeting with my tutor, my working title finally setteled down:

How to Improve the Usability of websites?

To be a web developer, I just shift my focus from web design to its usability and interaction. From s1 job I found that web developers require a strong grasp of html5+css3, Javascript, jQuery, API, AJAX, as well as part of PHP, database or even graphic design. That’s just like a big warning–I must work really hard during these three months.

In terms of functionality, tutor showed me a fantastic website: . It is highly interactive and customizing,  the most useful website  for me.  Another website: . Their developer builds up a bridge between Javascript and PHP, making customers  “produce”  T-shirts on their own possible. Tutor also spoke highly of Red dog music : . If you stay in any item’s page for around 5 minutes, there will be some shop assistants taking initiative talking to you through a chat box. And in its homepage there are some specific areas showing updating bargain records and special offers which helps persuading a sale.

Better use of cookies is also important then customers do not have to type in the same information like delivery address again. Small details should be concerned, like calendar inside a form, newest product shown on the top, less manipulate buttons, a record of your last choice, Amazon’s item combination, tab index, you name it. My task is to examine various kinds of shopping websites and analyse their advantages thoroughly. In aspect of database, tutor informed that “web developer should know how to organise database in the first place.” Thank god I used to  learn Visual foxpro before and hope that will help.


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