Msc Final Project

Too general topic

I am quite upset today after the meeting with professor. As soon as he saw my topic, he pointed out immediately that my topic is too general. “Usability of website contains too many aspects, you should narrow to some aspect of usability in some specific website. “I totally agree with his idea. Now what I should do is not simply building up a website but doing a profound research at master level. For the past three weeks I have been reading web design theories and css techniques, so sad they are all to do with the practice. Skills are simply skills while ideas are of great concern. After reading The Craft of Research, I suddenly realize that research is not that complicated. Due to the lack of academic knowledge and less profound thinking, I cannot even form my own views, not to say do some research. It is so childish if you find something you cannot grasp easily then choose to reject it.Every one starts from scratch and every job seems tough if one is lazy. Remember time flies.

Let me start from thinking about these questions my professor mentioned:

1.what is usability?How you define usability?

2.How you assess usability of websites?

3.How to improve usability? For which kind of websites? On laptop or mobile?

4.Why you have to do this research? How usability leads to userfriendly?How usability helps company gain more profits?

5.How will you make a website as a prototype of high level usability?:p


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