Msc Final Project

Interim presentation

Final project (working) title *

How minimalism helps improve the user experience of website?

-Explain clearly the main question behind your work; what is the central focus of your project in one or two sentences?

Well, in my final project, I’d like to dig into the relationship between minimalism and user experience of website. How minimalism works for maybe generally the whole websites? How minimalism improves their usability?

-Show the structure of your dissertation, the main chapter headings and what each chapter will be about.

dissertation framework

-Describe the inspiration / context for the project, why does the work need to be done, who else is working in this area?

The style of a website is of great importance because it  determines whether this website will attract user at first sight. Minimalist web design has been quite popular since 20th and early 21st century. Clean layout, high brightness and low saturated color, proper line…etc. All appropriate combination contributes to a fresh, professional and friendly user experience. For website I think user experience is the most important thing because users are our customers. Customers first. High Customer hits bring profits. In this final project I will analyse the advantages minimalism brings about in aspects of visual appeal, more efficient navigation, more scannable information and less page load time. They all contribute to better user experience which shouldn’t be ignored.

It is generally believed that two key figures in minimalist design are Buckminster Fuller and Dieter Rams. In my point of view there is still another person named kenya hara. He’s a famous japanese graphic designer and the art director of MUJI.  I admire his work a lot so when writing the part of minimalism, I will mainly use MUJI as the example together with my understanding of kenya hara’s minimalist style. In aspect of usability research, there are many famous people like Norman and Steve krug (the writer of Don’t Make Me Think!: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability) . All their research bring me a lot of help.

-Have a clear idea of what else needs to be done in order to complete the work and be forthcoming with any problems you face.

What I have achieved till now is the immature framework, a fixed research directon and maybe a rough grasp of JavaScript. Last semester I didn’t engage into PHP, so now PHP seems a big challenge for me. And that online texture generator, I don’t even know which language can achieve that. What’s most important for my project is a relatively deeper understanding of minimalist web design which shouldn’t be ignored. So in the next two weeks I will focus on PHP to fulfill the functionality required plus another one week for the online texture generator. Then all the remaining days for the essay together with my minimalist design.


Oleg Mokhov.(2011).Minimalist Design: A Brief History and Practical Tips, Retrieved from:


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