Msc Final Project

RegExp escapes ubbcode (php)

Having been tortured by php for already two weeks…The RegExp(Perl) functions between JS and PHP are slightly different: str.match(pattern);—–preg_match($pattern,$str,$arr);…Below escapes ubbcode into html format by PHP RegExp, it’s just like the text editor.

$str="[b]I am bold[/b],
[i]I am italic[/i],
[b]I am the second bold[/b],
[color=red]I am color[/color],
[size=7]I am size[/size],
[align=center]I am center[/align]".'<br>';
$ubbcodes=array('/\[b\](.*?)\[\/b\]/', //Here remember to add ? to avoid greedy mode and use escape code (preg_quote() also helps)
'<font color= "\1">\2</font>',
'<font size= "\1">\2</font>',
'<p align = "\1">\2</p>');
echo preg_replace($ubbcodes,$htmls,$str);

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