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After graduated from the University of Edinburgh,  I came back to China and got a job in ShangHai as a frontend developer. For me it’s already lucky enough to step into the web’s real world as I never thought I could really become a programmer. The fact is that I worked a year and a half with my skill really improved, however, in 2016 March I found that I fell sick because of hyperthyroidism. That was such a shock that I quit my job without hesitation. It was until you lost the health, or something important, you started to regret. While chronic disease takes time and day by day I became an  idler, spending time waiting for death.

God knows how I survived from both hyperthyroidism and depressive disorder. If you want to kill someone, just take away all his or her proud and confidence. Now I don’t want to live a lifetime of mere existence any more. Surely there are a thousand careers to choose, brave as me select Frontend again, just stand up from where you tripped over. For this time, I’ll be a healthy developer, aiming at changing the world.


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