Academic Reading

JavaScript: The Good Parts


An amazing JS book that each frontend developer should at least read once. As it’s so thin that it might only take you four days. Comparing with The Good Parts, JS Advanced Programming is more like a dictionary that you just query when you need. What I benefit most are not JS tricks but an important idea about frontend learning. Language is something you can hold fast through practice, instead of literal recitation, not only javaScript but even the second foreign language like Japanese. Also, you need to keep in mind the most common statements that offer the best performance. What’s more, getting familiar with recent popular frameworks(phrases) are far more exciting.

For introduction, I recommend online courses cause they are easy to understand. To the next level, gorgeous books like The Good Parts can be a great help. Then we might be able to study the source code of popular frameworks and join or create Github projects.  As frontend  is developing too fast,  no doubt frontend developers need to learn quickly and thoroughly. To be more effective, distinguishing  and grasping the key content should go without saying.

For those BA girls who’s learning frontend like me:

Understand comes first. Practice more code. Focus on priorities. Keep a blog instead of literal notes. Look up documentation and stackoverflow for small points. Finally write your own code, keep up with the most popular technology and dig into your interest.

The most important skill is to solve the problems as fast as you could.


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